If you’re a man who has erectile dysfunction, you aren’t alone. Navigating this condition can be tricky, so you need to know the facts. Keep reading to learn the common myths about erectile dysfunction and how to get the treatment you need.

Many men have erectile dysfunction but are too embarrassed to get help or talk to their partners about it. However, ED is a medical condition that you can correct with various treatments.

However, there’s a lot of false information about ED, making it hard to separate the myths from the facts.

Our team specializes in various medical conditions at Advanced Integrated Medical, including erectile dysfunction. Bernard Fragomeni, ND are our medical specialists who offer support and advanced treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Understanding erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is a medical condition affecting your ability to get or maintain an erection. In the past, ED was considered a psychological issue. Still, it’s now apparent that it’s most often caused by other issues, including:

  • Hypogonadism
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Prostate issues
  • Drugs
  • Vascular conditions
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Alcohol use

Smoking also increases your risk of ED, as it often leads to chronic medical problems like heart disease and changes in your blood pressure. High cholesterol levels are also known to cause ED symptoms.

No matter what’s causing your ED, you must understand the truths and myths about the disease to get the correct treatment.

Common myths about erectile dysfunction

If you think you may be suffering from ED, you need to know the facts about the condition. It’s easy to fall into false information, which is why our team wants you to know the following myths about erectile dysfunction:

Myth: ED only affects older men

Even though it’s more common for men over 70 to suffer from ED, it can happen to anyone. Men over 40 are more at risk for ED, especially if they suffer from medical problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Myth: If you have ED, you aren’t attracted to your partner

There are various causes of ED, many of which have nothing to do with your attraction to your partner. For instance, you may suffer from ED if you have severe anxiety, fatigue, or stress.

Myth: ED isn’t a dangerous condition

Although ED is a truly annoying and embarrassing problem, it’s more than that. ED can be an early sign of more serious medical issues, including heart disease and stroke. If you’re experiencing new symptoms of ED, you must get checked out for other medical conditions.

Myth: ED is all in your head

Although anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues can lead to ED, it isn’t purely psychological. It’s now known that many medical conditions also lead to ED, including heart issues and diabetes.

Myth: Struggling once in the bedroom means you have ED

Many men struggle with an erection here and there, which doesn’t always mean they have ED. However, if it becomes a more frequent problem, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with Dr. Stevens to rule out ED.

The facts on treatment

Another common myth related to erectile dysfunction is that pills are the only available treatment. Though many medications can help your ED symptoms, they aren’t the only treatment.

The best treatment for you depends on what’s causing your ED symptoms and how often you have problems getting or maintaining an erection.

For example, if a medical condition is a culprit behind your ED, we treat the underlying need to help ease your symptoms. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, getting these under control is the first step in treatment.

Some medications may lead to trouble with an erection. If this is the case, we can change your medicine or lower your dose to prevent issues with ED.

Some men cannot tolerate oral medication, and other options are available. There are mechanical devices that can help and surgical procedures available when other treatments haven’t worked or aren’t an option.

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